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Mighty Mouse Mini Crane

Size matters!  Haven't we  all heard that before!  Do you think it's true as the saying goes....."that bigger is better?"  As a matter of fact, in this case it's not, it's just the very opposite...


The Mighty Mouse Mini Crane is the smallest manufactured coin operated crane on the market at only 12" wide, which means it can fit anywhere in a location where you can literally take a 12" ruler...and find 12 inches of open space.

Through our toy distributor friends at Rick's Vending you will be able to buy and sell a variety of different toys sold in "mixes" which are designed to appeal to both boys and girls of varying ages.  All at truly great prices.  Additionally, each toy sold to you from Rick's Vending will fit perfectly inside the Mighty Mouse Mini Cranes' miniature claw, that's so there are only the occassional "double toy" winners. 

The Mighty Mouse Mini Crane Program is a complete Turn Key Business Solution.