My name is Brad Brown, President of Worldwide Video.  I have 30 years of extensive industry experience distributing coin operated machines all over the world.  

In early 2018 our company started manufacturing and operating a 12" wide "Mighty Mini Crane." (TM)

Within 1 year of operating them ourselves, and testing many with other operators around the country, we recognized the value of this very small crane machine.  How? The feedback we got back from operators, business owners, and players in virtually every place we put the Mighty Mini Crane into was unusually good.  And because our Mighty Mini Cranes made close to, as much, if not more money as cranes 3 x their size, we knew we were onto something BIG!  

The small size and win every time formula made it easier to get into new locations!  We naturally wanted to expand our winning formula of these small mini cranes and distribute them all across the USA.   We felt it would be smart to find a good license for our crane to help launch it.   The Mighty Mouse Cartoon Characters from A CBS Corp. quickly became our top choice because the Mighty Mouse character is cute for kids, recognized by most every adult who grew up watching Mighty Mouse Cartoons, and of also fits in with our theme - SMALL and MIGHTY! 

After we secured the exclusive rights to use Mighty Mouse, the Mighty Mini Crane had a brother ....a special edition mini crane appropriately called  "The Mighty Mouse Mouse Mini Crane."  The Mighty Mouse Mini Crane offers instant brand recognition, and comes with a LCD monitor on top that is going to play Mighty Mouse Cartoons to attract both kids and adults, and will help your locations market their business through a unique texting program.  This Winner Every Time Business Model is a familiar concept used with Duck Cranes, Ball Cranes, and Candy Cranes, but in this instance,  players will win a small TOY every time, so no players will leaving empty handed or frustrated.   

The idea of expanding the concept of winning small toys each and every time, brought up concerns about our ability to keep up with the ever increasing supply of toys we would soon need. We know that the long term success of any good crane machine like ours depends on the constant supply of a diverse variety of all sorts of different, trendy, quality toys and prizes.  Toys that could be for kids of both genders, and of varying ages. 

We contacted a very seasoned, smart, and aggressive US Toy Distributor called Rick's Vending and explained our vision.  They agreed to create a unique ever changing custom mix of up to 40 different toys in any given "toy mix" every 3 months specifically for our Mighty Mouse Mini Crane.  They also agreed to offer the toys at a very fair price to anyone who bought our cranes.  Why?  Because Rick's understood that operators always want good pricing, extreme value, all of which contributes to an operators profitability.  In particular, Rick's already knew that the pricing was going to probably be the very most sensitive factor to operators, and so Rick's agreed to start right off on a very competitive path.  

These are not simply common cheap toys you can find out of existing toy catalogs of companies that you might be already doing business with and then resold at a higher price to you.    Rick's is selling toy mixes specifically for The Mighty Mouse Mini Crane, (think claw size so you will only pick up 1 toy at a time) to make it easy for you as the operator of our machines to get everything you need in a turn key solution.

In my personal experience operating, I found out how difficult it is to maintain a constant supply, and a variety of toys that constantly changes to keep player interest high.  I know all too well how very difficult it is to duplicate what Rick's is going to do for us.  

Finding the right size of toys, and the constant variety and quality of toys, and especially at the right price in a mix that covers a wide range of kids, all of that is not an easy job.  With Rick's 30+ years in the industry, we feel confident going forward that we have a near endless supply of quality toys.   It is therefore with great confidence we refer all buyers of the Mighty Mouse Mini Crane, and the Mighty Mini Crane, to buy their toys through Rick's.  

Why will this program work?  We fully expect the Mighty Mouse Mini Crane Winner Every Time Business Model will create a completely new toy distribution channel.  With Toys R US out of business, and Amazon and other like internet companies out there, none are going to be nearly as effective or convenient in selling just 1 or 2 small toys to a child.  Our Mighty Mouse Mini Crane will become the defacto choice for parents and kids alike to get fun affordable toys in the locations you already service today, and will soon service in brand new locations in this year.  

We will all be a part of bringing a lot of happiness into the homes of millions of families.  


Brad Brown
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